Our First LINCS Learning and Growth Summit

In ancient times - before computers, TVs or even books - Humankind would learn through observing behaviours and conversation around the campfire.  

They’d watch hunters, then pick up a spear themselves. Sitting around burning embers, Elders would tell tales of what they’d seen and learnt in their lives, while youngers would listen intently before emulating their leaders. 

This ‘social learning’ is evolutionary. It’s successful because it shows, it tells, it tests and it inspires. So, what if there were a business learning experience that did the same? 

My Networking Café launched the inaugural Lincs mini-summit on 2 November with 6 expert speakers taking 3 different perspectives on ‘Charging your worth’.  Its ground-breaking format includes: 

·     3 different perspectives on one topic

·     Task-based breakouts

·     Take-home reference worksheets

·     High-level networking

·     Event recordings 

Lincs is a blended approach that’s designed to make learning stick. Attendees said it was: 

“Really challenging, super practical”

“Fun, insightful and varied” 

To download the 'Charging your worth' event the recording you can purchase it by clicking this link


Our next LINC Learning and Growth Summit is on Monday 30th November from 10am to 12:30pm

You can book your spot below


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