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It's networking Jim but not as we know it

My Networking Café is an online connection, collaboration and business growth community. We are dedicated to supporting start-up’s micro & small business owners & entrepreneurs who are serious about business growth & success. 

Our core offer is our weekly networking and LinkedIn posting party events and Masterminds which are underpinned by our powerful Community  Hub (click to join for free). We run monthly Learning & Growth Summits, provide weekly podcasts and daily tips.

We aim to take networking from a local endeavour to a broad based group - to develop deeper relationships and enable members to spread their knowledge and influence across our extensive, collective LinkedIn networks. With our unique meeting structure and highly supportive community, we are thriving in the busy world of online networking as relationships, learning, consistency and inspiration are at the heart of what we do.

What differentiates us? We focus on quality rather than quantity. We establish an environment that allows people to understand each other both personally and professionally and this enables quicker connections and collaborations both within the group and on LinkedIn. Please join our community as a member and we can have a conversation to see if this is the best place for you to build your network, raise your profile, find opportunities and grow your influence.

Welcome to My Networking Café

A few words from founders Heather and Richard

What do members say?

Listen to Renda Pinkey,  a founder member,  talk about
My Networking Café  on Marlow FM's Business Show 


Many of our Members have won new business as a result of meeting new people and forming new collaborations

Ewan McConnell

Can I just add my thanks - it is an excellent initiative - I have found it enjoyable, stimulating and educational - and I have met some great people!

Sharon Bannister

I think what Richard and Heather have created is invaluable.

Community Membership Levels

We offer a range of levels to suit all pockets. All are on a monthly pay as you go basis. We don't believe in tying you in to 12 month contracts

1. Hello


Limited Access to Content in the Community Hub

Notification of Events

Communicate with other members in the Community Hub

2. I'm Learning 


Everything in lower tier plus

Monthly learning and Business Growth Summit  (LINCS)
2.5 Hrs | Social Learning | Resource Downloads | Networking

Full Access Community Hub: Documents and Video Learning Resources and Downloads Archive

Book a Discovery Call to Discuss if this Level is right for you

3. I'm LinkedIn


Everything in lower tiers plus

Weekly Thursday Networking & LinkedIn Posting Party
Weekly Tuesday "Bring Your Challenge/ Opportunity " Mastermind

Opportunity to deliver Compact Keynote to the Community 
Book a Discovery Call to Discuss if this Level is right for you

5. I'm All Over It


Everything in lower tiers plus

Copywriting Service, one of our professional copywriters will write a weekly post which you can use in the LinkedIn posting parties and your other marketing activities

Book a Discovery Call to Discuss if this Level is right for you

6. Enterprise

Lets Talk

We can create and facilitate regular online events to help professional organisations offer a value adding service for their clients and customers

Book a time to talk

About us

Everyone needs somewhere they can go to catch up with like-minded people, share their news and learn new things and that’s exactly what we had in mind when we started out. We launched My Networking Café at the start of the first lockdown in March 2020. We support, inform and encourage entrepreneurs to build their business, connections and collaborations.

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